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- Complete a TWIC Disclosure and Certification Form - Pay the enrollment fee of 132. 50. Your TWIC card is good for 5 years. Obtaining your TWIC Card Having a TWIC Card will allow you access into the port without having to pay someone else to take your load into the port to deliver for you. This is something that we are going to have to have if we intend to do any business in the ports. For those that do not have one I m sure you ve already seen missed opportunities. What is the process for...
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You can then fill out an application provided to you when you pick up your card. It takes about 45 minutes to four hours for us to process and send the card to you. You will need a valid photo ID, and we will send a letter that will contain your registration ID number and your TWIC number which you can use to access the website from a mobile device. The application also has a 40 fee. What do I need to get a TWIC Card? Our process varies, but a completed application for a TWIC Card must include: A photograph of you and the vehicle(s) you intend to drive on the PORT of the International Alongshore and Warehouse Union (IL WU) A state-issued driver license or state-issued ID card that lists you as a TWIC cardholder A copy of your recent payment history Proof that you reside in Texas if you are not already a TWIC cardholder To prove you are a TWIC cardholder, proof of a valid TWIC membership is required. Visit for more information. The letter of verification must be dated two weeks prior to the shipment date and be signed by either you or your TWIC Representative. If you do not sign, we will only consider you in the application as the representative of the union. Is it important to have a TWIC Card at the port? Yes. We have already had people tell us that having a TWIC Card made it extremely easier to purchase merchandise at the port. What's a TWIC Membership? You can join the TWIC as a member without providing any documentation. You first need to provide proof of identity and address, as determined by the Port of Texas. Memberships will pay for themselves after three or four monthly payments. Membership can be renewed on the TWIC website or by calling the Texas Office of the TWIC Office) We do offer discounts to certain members who also purchase our membership package as well. How is TWIC Membership different from a credit card that says “Express Shipping” on it? If you purchase a TWIC Package membership plan, you do not actually have to pay a credit card processor. You do have to pay a processing fee, however, the fee is a fraction of our usual charges.
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